Pronounced ar-SAN.                                                                                              (m) French form of ancient Greek word Arsenios, meaning "virile."                

 “DeLay’s voice is extraordinary—she is a Boutté, after all—but combined with her acting ability and her passion for the story, she has the capacity to steal the show."

-John Swenson, Offbeat Magazine”

       In Arsene DeLay's voice, you will find the clarity of Ella Fitzgerald crossed with the raw power of Etta James.  DeLay, youngest of the world-renowned Boutté vocalists, is a veteran musician and actress, returning to New Orleans after a 6 year run in Los Angeles. 

     Her solo debut album, "Comin' Home,"  is a collection of originals, chronicling her journey from the star-studded streets of Los Angeles, back to the sound filled air of New Orleans.   Created with the help of Threadhead Records, CSB Roxy Music, Draw the Line Productions, and the help of studio veteran Paul Sanchez.  Comin' Home features some of New Orleans' finest in Music- Alex McMurray, Sonia Tetlow, Matt Perrine, Eric Bolivar, Bonerama, the Craft Brothers, Sam and Jack, and Jonathon Pretus, from the Breton Sound.  This album is a refreshing representation of what can be defined as "New Orleans Music."

 "Arsene sings with such soul and power, and is so beautiful to watch while she's doing it, that to attend her show is to be infused with fresh joy."

- Dan Baum, The New Yorker.  

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